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I’m Karen Powers, the founder and designer at Full Moon Malas, the studio where I create 108 bead gemstone or wood malas and bracelets.

Full Moon Malas was born of my desire to create an intentional and spiritual piece of jewelry to honor a dear friend’s birthday.  Word traveled and now Full Moon Malas are being sold in my studio and throughout New England yoga studios.

I’m a yoga teacher/practitioner and Reiki Master, so whether I’m designing ready-to-wear malas and bracelets or working with individual clients to create custom pieces, I bring my philosophy, spiritual practice and healing wisdom into our work together, and into each and every piece of jewelry you see here.

Every Full Moon Mala is crafted in a way that, depending on which gemstones are used, will help to balance, energize, inspire, and restore your well-being.  

Before I even begin the design process, I place each gemstone under a full moon so the stones will absorb the energy of the moonlight and be raised to a higher natural vibration. The full moon is an auspicious time to support creativity and abundance as well as to transform and energize our consciousness, and I imbue each Full Moon Mala with this power. 

Every mala is guaranteed for 6 months assuming normal wear and tear.  Malas are by nature meant to be used and handled, and while mine are designed for exceptional durability, breaks do occasionally happen.  To ensure the longevity of your beautiful piece, I use the most durable nylon beading cord, which is double threaded for extra strength. 

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I design many malas for you to choose from, or we can custom design one together. For custom projects, I first discuss with clients via e-mail to discover your goals, desires, or wishes, and how selection of certain gemstones or wood/seed beads will support your unique intentions.

Depending on the size of the bead selected, the finished piece will either be approximately 27” in total for 6 mm beads; or 36” total using 8mm beads. 

Every mala is packed, shipped and sent first class USPS.

Pricing of each mala will vary depending on the gemstones chosen and the type and size of the “Guru” bead, but  all of my custom malas begin at $95 and up. I can estimate your finished price once we discuss your design and stones.

A $95 non-refundable deposit is due on placement of your order, with the balance due upon completion and prior to shipping. You will be sent a custom link to make payment via PayPal but in addition to paying using a PayPal account all major credit cards are also accepted.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your mala as materials may need to be ordered according to your design. If you have a special request for faster turnaround, please drop me a line and we can talk about my schedule and your timing.

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